CJ Marsicano

Yes, I have a few pics of me up... not that I think I'm god's gift or anything, but these are a few pics of me that I happen to like.

Philadelphia, PA - April 2000
Outside of the ECW Arena after the Cyberslam 2000 TV taping. 
(Blame the guy who took the pic with my digicam for there being no flash!)

Hazleton, PA - September 2001
Self-portrait with the ever-faithful digicamera.
(Yes, that's red, white and blue toilet paper on the shirt -- the cover of Jello Biafra's "Become The Media" album.
This pic was actually taken to rib the rest of the Wrestling Bytes/Project X staff, who were ribbing me for quoting Biafra a few times too many after 9.11.01.)

Hazleton, PA - circa 1977
Partial family portrait at my grandfather's 62nd birthday party.
Back row: my father, aunt Stephanie (estranged), cousin Melissa, and uncle Mark.
Front row: me at age 10, my mother, my grandfather Ralph (d. Sept. 1988) and grandmother Antoinette (d. Feb. 2002).
On my grandparents' laps: my then-newborn twin cousins Beth and Jennifer.
(Melissa, Beth and Jennifer are the daughters of Mark and Stephanie if you haven't figured that out yet.)
My only questions looking at this pic now are, 1. what the fuck was I wearing?, 2. what's with that pseudo-mullet on my dad's head?, and 3. why does my uncle Mark look more like the rhythm guitarist from Black Flag in this pic?