The True Standard Bearer In Wrestling Columns Since 1997 -- Accept No Imitations!

The True Standard Bearer In Wrestling Columns Since 1997 -- Accept No Imitations!

It's A New Day
Written and published April 19, 2001 ( exclusive)

Well, with already starting to roll -- and most of the Scoops Family Refugees reunited in one place for the first time since The Great Corporate Stupidity Of 2001 -- before anyone of us expected, introductions to those of you new to us, and reintroduction to those of you that haven't seen us in awhile, are due.

My name is CJ Marsicano "The Webmaster Of Extreme", and I have been involved with the Internet Wrestling Media for the past five years. I formed one of the first e-mail shoot newsletters on the Internet, The Outsider Edge (or OENL), back in April of 1997, and was also involved with the formation of another pioneering sheet, The Sharpshooter, right before that. I formed the OENL in order to deliver an edgier (pardon the pun) and uncensored news sheet, a format that ran for over two years and that many have been copying ever since. I also founded and maintained one of the first official homepages ever for an ECW personality with The Official Francine Fournier Homepage, aka, in December of 1997, an endeavor that grew out of unexpected e-mail contact early in the OENL's career with the then-Head Cheerleader.

In the Spring of 1998, I founded, the homepage of the OENL newsletter, and moved Francine's homepage to a section of the site. Together the two sites got over 500,000 hits in its first few months before an unscruplous hacker connected with a lesser-quality newsletter decided that he had nothing better to do with his time than destroy another, more successful outfit's hard work. Also in the spring of 1998, this column, which initially appeared exclusively in my newsletter, made its first outside appearance at While I worked on restoring the site, I was offered a spot as a columnist with The Bagpipe Report -- the only condition being that I deliver exclusive material to them. While the exposure was very beneficial to my "career" as a writer, and I began to work towards my more personal, frequently smartassed but always 100% uncompromised and uncontrived point of view, towards the end of 1998 the powers-that-were at TBR felt that altering my original works by randomly cutting out would "improve" the content considerably. Ironically, it wasn't until I wrote a column in TBR critical of the anti-independent wrestling news stance of WCW's Mark Madden and Lee Marshall -- a column that caught the attention of Chad Damiani to the point where he mentioned it on the Real Audio hotline, thus bringing a lot of new reader attention to the sheet -- that the TBR editors chose to start hacking away at my hard work. By December of that year, after numerous professional and artistic disagreements with TBR's editors, I gave myself an early Xmas present - my freedom from the increasingly corporate TBR structure. Three months later, they folded while I was being picked up by and Piledriver Press.

In the Spring of 1999, I was offered a spot on Scoops' S*P*A*M newsletter by the mighty John "Freakboy" Brodigan, at the recommendation of the equally mighty Carrie Messantonio-Zohn (Lady Miss Carrie of "Into The Fire" [RIP] fame). This spot almost immediately led to my getting a position as a contracted writer with, the first paid position I ever recieved in my then-four years of online editorial writing. Thanks to that position, I had the best editor I ever had the pleasure of working for, the best exposure and fan base I ever had for my work, and the pleasure of representing Scoops (the only other major website besides there) at ECW Cyberslam 2000, where I got paid to cover the entire weekend's events, find out that Jazz had much better taste in music than Francine, get trashed on Corona's by Jerry Lynn (I owe you one, you long-hair-having, death-metal-singing, high-flying S.O.B.), and almost get laid by Elektra (my body's reaction to the aforementioned Corona intake had other plans -- thanks a lot, Jerry!!)

Since The Great Corporate Stupidity Of 2001, I've been espousing my philosophy via (run by fellow Scoops expatriate Stylin' Ken Matthews),, and, as well as writing a different irregular column, Marsicano's Take, for (the brainchild of OENL/TSN/Scoops veteran Murtz Jaffer). I've also been keeping up with my own site, as much as possible, spending countless amounts of time with my better half, the True Head Cheerleader & Queen Of Extreme Fran "Blossom" Prokop, and planning a return to deejaying, something, along with playing bass and keyboards semi-professionally in bands around the Northeast, that I did in my pre-internet days (just ask for DJ Sugabear instead of The Webmaster Of Extreme the next time you're booking a rave!).

Which leads us to right now. A year ago, was getting mad hits, Joey Ramone was still alive, and I was checking out of the Holiday Inn Philadelphia Stadium while Rhino was six feet away from me at the same counter wondering why his hotel bill was $0.00. Since the corporate murder of, the quality of wrestling news and commentary has been shaky at best. With the WWF owning WCW and ECW under bankruptcy reorganization, while things have changed in the wrestling game, they still are just as interesting as they were a year ago, never mind five years ago when this buisness we all know and love was starting to take a turn for the better.

That's where we stand at this particular milestone in time. Now let's have some fun.

Anarchy and Peace, CJ Marsicano "The Webmaster Of Extreme"

Anarchy and Peace,
CJ Marsicano "The Webmaster Of Extreme" 2001 CJ Marsicano.